About Us

We buy extra test strips that would otherwise go to waste and resell them at an affordable price.  

Selling your unused test strips is legal and the right thing to do!

Each year thousands of tons of diabetic supplies expire, go unused and end up in the landfill.  Our platform provides a safe and effective way for those that have extra supplies to get them back into the market where they can be used instead of wasted.   

Selling unused, unexpired  diabetic test strips is 100% legal and safe.   Many people using diabetic test strips are sometimes stuck with extra supplies and need to find a use for them before they expire.  

selling test strips online

Make money preventing waste!

Some of our customers make up to $100 per month by actively managing their diabetic test strip inventory and selling the extra strips before they expire.

Fast and No Investment

We make it easy to sell your unused test strips. Ship them to us for FREE. We pay you after they arrive and are reviewed by our quality assurance team. We don't accept damaged or expired supplies that cannot be resold or reused.

Sell diabetic test strips

Keep the environment clean and diabetic supplies affordable

By selling your extra product online you prevent unused strips from going to waste and give others a good deal. Prices for resold test strips can be more affordable than what you get at the pharmacy.

100% Legal and Safe

You own your diabetic testing supplies and have the right to sell them before they expire. If they are not damaged, they are still safe to use. It is a GREAT idea to sell them before they expire or they will get wasted.

selling freestyle strips online

We pay the best rates around!

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