Damaged Product Terms

We accept slightly damaged boxes for 50% of our standard rate, as long as the box hasn’t been opened or the interior otherwise compromised. We resell these products, and a slightly damaged product lowers its value.

What do we consider unacceptable?

Unacceptable damage extends to any of the following: Tears, scrapes, indents, crushing, creasing, bending, discoloration, ink, and staining. Refer to the photos below to see specific examples of unacceptable types of damage.

How can you avoid damage?

EASY! First, do NOT remove your labels. We remove ALL prescription labels and shred everything thoroughly. Leave that to us. Second, package your items carefully in a sturdy cardboard BOX; not in a bubble pack or envelope.

Anything else?

Yes! We do not accept ANY OPENED BOXES, nor will we pay to ship them back to you. If you send opened or expired items, they will be disposed of.

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